General Precautions

Obstructive sleep – apnea syndrome is a syndrome whose treatment is possible according to its severity and many other parameters.

Weight Loss:Considering that; the desease occurs as a result of gaining weight and it is observed in mainly obese men, it could be seen clearly the importance of loosing weight in treatment. Sometimes, symptoms can be observed less as a result of loosing 5-6 kg. However, the advanced form of this disease makes it impossible to loose weight by causing metabolic disorders. Therefore it is determined that many patients are unable to lose weight or they put on weight again although they loose weight.

Alcohol: It is known that; alcohol consumption before sleep give rise of more frequent and long lasting sleep apnea syndromes. As alcohol is the cause of sudden death during sleep for these patients, they must not consume alcohols in the evenings.

Sleep medication: Sleep medications suppress the respiratory center arising similar effects with alcohol and cause longer apnea syndromes. Recently, some sleep medication which do not affects the respiratory system has been launched. Therefore if it is needed sleep medications; they should be taken under the control of physician.

Position: In some patients, snoring and / or respiratory arrest only arises when they lie flat on their back. In these patients, the pillows placed on the back; or a tennis ball placed in pajamas may inhibit the patient lying on his back and can solve these respiratory problems arising during sleep.

Nasal congestion: Pathologies that cause nasal congestion increase snoring as 10-15%. Treatments against these congestions will reduce snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders. However,it must also be remembered that; eliminating nasal congestion would not stop snoring