• 2 new books from TSMS Publishing

    International Classification of Sleep Disorders:

    It is the classification book used in the whole world. Not only a single classification but also clinical features and diagnostic criteria of the disease is given in this book. It is in Turkish. It is the reference book of all sleep medicine Physicians.

    Sleep Technician’s Book:

    It is the Turkish translation of American Association of Sleep Technologists essential book. Everything that a sleep medicine technologist needs to know is in this book. Indispensable source of information for each sleep technologist

  • TSMS Accredited Centers

    Please click here to access Sleep Disorders Centers accredited by TSMS.

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Prof. Dr. Murat AKSU - TRT Interview

Prof. Dr. Murat AKSU - TRT Causerie

Doç. Dr. Hikmet FIRAT - TRT Causerie