Warning Signs

Snoring sometimes can be so severe than can be heard from other rooms or from neighbouring houses. If snoring is interruğted with short intervals, and the person startes to breathagain with a deep and noisy voice; it should be considered the existence of apnea. Some patients stop breathing 300-400 times at night and they remain breathless during 3/4 of the night. This also means that; sleep is interrupted 300-400 times per night; and most times the patients do not notice that they are awake. However, such a poor quality of sleep causes fatigue and sleepiness in the next day.

The patients suffering from obstructive sleep - apnea can sometimes fall asleep in inappropriate places; and they have serious problems in their business and private life because of sleepiness. The researches shown that; as these patients fall asleep while they drive, they do traffic accidents 2-3 times more than normal people.

Sleep - apnea also cause nervous system function disorders; it causes difficulty of concentration and forgetfulness. The patients may easily get angry, they feel impulsive and their work efficiency may descrease. Such complaints may begin suddenly or sometimes they evolve gradually. When it starts slowly, patients may not notice their condition; in this case, it is recommended to be consulted to a physician by their family and friends.

As a result of the effects of hormonal changes, the patients' sexual interests may decrease and some men may have sexual problems.

As patients generally fall asleep easily, they say that they do not have any complaints about sleep. Others wake up frequently at nights feeling the necessity of air and they complain about their necessity of going to toilet when they wake up at nights. They sleep restless at nights and their neck and head may sweat. They feel headache when they wake up in the morning and they feel desert mounth.