Pay attention to the physical conditions of the sleeping environment!

Organize physical conditions of the sleep environment according to your personal needs.

Although some of us do not feel bothered from noise when they sleep, some of us are affected by the slightest noise and wakes up very often. The persons who developed sensitivity against noise must isolate the evvironment from noise.

Although some of us like to sleep in a hot environment, others prefer to sleep in a cool room. Although personal preferences always change; our knowledge about the physiology of sleep show that; our body temperature is reduced at nights. Therefore, a warm or hot bath before sleep will raise our body temperature; and then sleeping in a cool room makes us easier to fall asleep and makes it easier to have a deep sleep. Light level of room is one other factor which affects the sleep.

Light level of room is one of the factors which affect the sleep. While some of us feel bothered from a slightest light; others are scared of sleeping in the dark.

Each of us has preferences about hardness of our bed and hight of our pillow. Some of us sleep better in hard beds, some of us like soft beds. But sleeping on an old bed adversely affects the sleeping quality of all of us. Therefore, we must change the beds whose center is pushed down and the beds whose wires are dislocated. When the persons who sleep in new beds are compared to the persons who sleep on old bed; it is observed that, the persons who sleep in old beds wake up very often at nights and their deep slow sleep rate is decreased.

The studies shown that; sleeping partners affect each other’s sleep. Sleep records show that; partners’s night movements affect to each other; when one of them is moved, another wakes up and although this awakeness is not consiciously perceived, it affects sleep quality by making sleep superficial. Therefore, although our traditions require otherwise, especially when the couples who suffer sleep disorders in separate beds, they fall asleep easier and they continue to sleep at night easier.