Pay attention to the times and duration of sleep!

As mentioned in the previous sections, each of us has different sleep time. Although some of us are satisfied with 5 hours of sleep; some of them need 10 hours even more. The hour when we start sleeping may also change from one person to another. As a result of our previous experiences, all we know what time we need to sleep. For some people, this hour maybe early hours of night; while for other people it is late hours of night. This genetically determined characteristic put into us one of these groups: either “chickens” or “owls”. The first requirement for a healthy sleep is to know our sleeping hours and sleeping times and going to bed and waking up accordingly. However, it is not always possible to follow these usual hours of sleep. Some nights, we wake up more often than usual nights; we face difficulty in falling asleep at night; or we wake up early in the morning. The following night, our organism compensates these negativities. However, prolonging to duration of sleep in the morning in order to compensate this situation may cause other problems. As morning sleep will mainly be consist of superficial phase of slow sleep, it does not substitute night sleep.Waking up late in the morning will delay the following night’s sleep, therefore it will show itself as difficulty in falling asleep in the following night. One other matter that should be considered in hours of sleep is the afternoon sleep. As it is known, tendency to sleep at noon increases physiologically and affing asleep at hours becomes easier.In this case, should afternoon naps be recommended for insomniacs sturdy? There are two kinds of answers to to be given this question. First; even short -term sleep reduces the accumulation of sleep; as it affects homeostatic mechanism and affect to sleep by delaying to fall asleep at night; it should not be recommended for insomniacs. Secondly, we should not block to a physiological event in order to apply a homeostatic rule. If a person already suffers from insomnia and if he needs to sleep, he must be allowed to sleep in the afternoon.However, in this case the patient should be aware of that; night sleep necessity may be felt latee and he should not try to sleep at 22:00 although he already slep 1 hour in the afternoon.