Test your sleep

  1. I'm tired and sleepy during the day although I sleep enough.
  2. I have difficulty in falling asleep in 2-3 nights a week.
  3. In the evening, or when I go to bed; I feel restlessn - that I can not rdescribe on my legs.
  4. I start to feel worried in the evening, thinking of that I will not be able to sleep at night
  5. I have to move my legs constantly in bed.
  6. I wake up in the night with a feeling of breathlessness.
  7. It is told that when I snore, I do it so severely; they hear it from other rooms.
  8. It is said that; I stop breathing while I sleep.
  9. At least once in the night I have to go to the toilet.
  10. My head, my neck or my chest sweats at nights.
  11. I wake up tired and have headache in the mornings.
  12. I sometimes get cramp in my legs at nights.
  13. I sometimes fall asleep in meetings or while I am reading or watching TV.
  14. Due to sleepiness, I can not drive car as long time as I used to drive before.
  15. I sometimes have irresistible sleepiness attacks during the day.
  16. I dream very often.
  17. It is told me that I wake up screaming and in fear at nights.
  18. If you answer “yes” to some of the above questions, you may have a sleep disorder.
Sleep disorders disrupt your daily activities and social life as well as leading you to more serious health problems.