Pay attention to your food and drink!

Eating an excessive amount of food in the evening bothers your stomach; therefore it prevents you to have a good sleep. If you have snoring or sleep-related breathing disorder problems; eating excessively in the night makes these problems worse. Excessively taken liquids bother your stomach as well as causing you to wake up at nights frequently in order to satisfy your urination necessity.

Consuming alcohol before we go to bed is another factor which affects negatively our sleep. Although consuming alcohol makes it easier to sleep, it also impairs the quality of sleep by making us wake up very often at the second half of the night. Alcohol also increases the superficial sleep time while it descreases deep sleep rate. For this reason should be considered as a factor impairing the sleep; therefore, it should not be consumed in the evening.

Also, any drink taken in the evening and known as stimulating also disrupts sleep structure; and makes it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, an excessive amount of tea, coffee, cola drinks should not be consumed in the evening.

Dinner meals should be light and must be eaten a few hours before sleeping time. You can have a glass of warm milk or lime while you eat a few biscuits. They will make it easier to fall asleep and provide you a quality of sleep