Description of Insomnia

When a writer - who studied for a long time about sleep- looked at Larousse in order to find the definition of sleep; he saw that it was written “to sleep” and when he looked at “to sleep” he saw that it was written “the state of being asleep”. Desribing to the definition of insomnia is more difficult from the definition of sleep. Because insomnia is felt by the patient and it is a subjective case which varies from person to person.

Insomnia may occur sometimes in the form of shorter sleep duration compared to life; and sometimes it may occur in the form of shorter sleep duration compared to the usual duration that such person was accustomed before and considered enough. The most frequently encountered form of insomnia is associated with difficulty of falling asleep. In this kind of people, falling asleep takes long hours and inability to sleep creates an extreme discomfort. This feeling of discomfort makes person perceive longer to the time took to fall asleep. For some patients, the feeling of discomfort starts before they get into bed, even at the evening hours. Patients start to think “can I sleep tonight?”

Unlike the patients above; somepatients easly fell asleep but they have difficulty to remain asleep. They wake up at night very easly when they hear any slightest noise or because of movements of their spouses. They have difficulty on falling asleep when they wake up. These people develop hostility over the time towards the people whom they think that they are awoken by such people.

Another form of insomnia is waking up early in the morning and not to be able to sleep again. These patients are the patients who have symtopms which can be called as depressive. Although they fell asleep without problems and they sleep some time; they wake up early in the morning and they can not sleep again. The worst type of insomnia is not to be able to sleep at all and it is seen very rarely compared to the above mentioned types.

Somethimes patients complain that they wake up in the morning without resting properly although they do not have any complaint about their night sleep. This situation should also be considered as a kind of insomnia.

Patients suffering from insomnia are not happy with daytime as much as they are not happy with nighttime; and although they do not always complain, they are not satisfied with the daytime. Because, although not all of the patients complain; some of them complain about fatigue and nerviousness, behaving harshly to family and friends, reduction in physical and mental performance and memory and concentration disorders at different levels. Somethimes headache, eye burning and nausea can also be added to this table.

Because of above reasons, we can describe insomnia as patient’s sleeping less than he would feel himself rested.