Is it possible to live without sleeping?

Sleep is an indispensable necessity for the organism just like eating, drinking water, breathing etc. It is not possible to live without sleeping just as it is not possible to live without eating or drinking water. When people left sleepless for experimental purposes, the emperiment can usually continue 3-4 days; because experiment subjects fall asleep involuntarily for a short time. When sleepless time is prolonged, it is observed that; sleep attacks become more frequent and longer.

In sleep deprivation experiments, at the end of the third day it is observed some sytoms such as tension, nervousness, not knowing the time, day dreaming, stuttering, inability to understand spoken issues etc.

The longest sleep deprivation experiment performed so far was carried out on an American college student and it lasted 11 days. The experiment was finished when it is observed that the experiment subject student’s relation with reality was deterioried and he was enterion to a clinic condition similar to psychosis.

Similar experiments with animals were resulted with death of the experiment subject animal in various times depending on the animal’s kind.